Why Maon?

Maon enables realistic, unified and collaborative energy market simulations.


Latest research results included to achieve a cutting-edge degree of realism: Exchanges in the flow-based market coupling, hydropower networks and various flexible consumers can be modelled for whole Europe.


No additions necessary since high-performance computing, cloud storage, data management, market model, CPLEX solver and web browser integrated. Plus, proven inputs and diverse transparent interfaces available.


Flexible and digital working is more important than ever before so cloud-solutions are optimal. Maon supports non-linear and parallel work-flows for hands-on quality management and superior cross-organizational teamwork.


Maon runs on encrypted high performance clusters. All cluster nodes lie physically in Germany. In times when hacker attacks are not uncommon and cybercrime is worthwhile the cloud can offer more security.


Users only pay for storage space and model runs they really need. Expensive over-payments can be prevented. If more storage or calculation becomes necessary, it can be adjusted at any time.

No wasted resources

Going to Maon is more profitable than investing in your own IT infrastructure. Your own IT has no longer to worry about developments, installations, updates, maintenances, user supports or cyber security measures.

Factual decisions

Do you want to make factual, traceable and resilient decisions? Contact us and start your leading-edge decision making.

Meet and join the team

We are searching for new team members. If you are interested, please send us an application.

Dr.-Ing. Mihail Ketov

Coordination and simulation

Electricity market expert with twelve years experience in engineering research, software development and market modelling

Dipl.-Ing. Fabian Pfannes

Cloud, front-end and back-end

Software developer with fourteen years professional experience in technical simulations and continuous integration

Yash Patel, M.Sc.

Data models and software testing

Expert in the domain of Flow-Based Market Coupling, large-scale simulation data and comprehensive application testing

Kaan Gecü

Browser cache and back-end

Developer enabling communications between front-ends and back-ends for the multi-user, multi-interface and multi-format environment

Ömer Bilgin

Front-end tools and data security

Computer engineer bringing exceptional time-performant and secure parametrizations to life using JavaScript and React

Esmanur Eryilmaz

Graphical Interface and User Experience

Software developer enabling the world's smoothest user experience in fundamental energy market modelling

Ali Baran Gündüz

Front-end data structures and flows

Self-made full-stack web developer and computer engineer with extended know-how in React, GitLab and other cloud technologies

Marios Morfopoulos

Back-end processing and databases

Software development trainer for requirement analysis and database design multiplying the use cases of Maon

Julia Olczyk

Business administration

Back office manager for human resources, external accounting and customer relations from Maria Curie-Skłodowska University

Maria Varanda

Data entry, processing and extraction

Passionate software engineer with profound experience in Python and C++ contributing to the digitalization and decarbonization

Huangluolun Zhou, M.Sc.

finance and business development

Management consultant with track record in large-scale electricity market simulations, data processing and project management

Nicolai Schmid

External Support

Full-stack web developer at Cosmo Consult with know-how in container orchestrations and web communication protocols

Dr.-Ing. Hao Chang

External advisory

Consultant at Hitachi Energy supporting Maon in simulations for transmission grid planning and operation

Dariush Wahdany, M.Sc.

External guidance

Researcher at Fraunhofer AISEC supporting Maon to maintain the high privacy level and add new machine learning approaches



Maon was established in 2018 as a spin-off from the Institute for High Voltage Equipment and Grids, Digitalization and Energy Economics (IAEW) at RWTH Aachen University and the Chair for Sustainable Electric Networks and Sources of Energy (SENSE) at TU Berlin. It has a special proximity to research in the field of simulations for market and grid analyses. Data, models and methods for the simulation of electricity wholesale markets are jointly developed and continuously operated at one integrated simulation environment.


Maon was developed with the help of own market observations – partly published in TenneT Market Reviews and Umlaut Market Studies – as well as project experience with simulation tool-chains and latest research results. Due to decades of experience in market modelling and software development, Maon has been used in various projects and evaluation processes. Network operators evaluated for example the security of supply and investors forecasted net present values of new investment opportunities.

Best practice

Maon is regularly used by renown business consultants like E-Bridge, Umlaut or e.venture. Users perform simulations for among others plant operators, industrial consumers, system operators, exchanges and investors. The long-term experience with proven market models, especially related to transmission grid usage estimation and electricity price forecasting, the in-depth energy industry expertise as well as diverse successful joint projects with leading market players make Maon valuable for fast and accurate electricity grid and market analysis.