Market simulation

European-wide, annual and high-resolution


Flow-Based Market Coupling, hydro power cascades and binary on-off decisions of thermal power plants for 8760 consecutive hours


High-performance computing cluster, cloud storage, data management, simulation suite and IBM CPLEX solver integrated

High Efficiency

Ready-to-start browser-based platform including secure data transfer, visualizations, scenario tree management and parametrized data sets

Meet and join the team

We are searching for new team members. If you are interested, please send us an application.

Dr.-Ing. Mihail Ketov

coordination and simulation core

Electricity market expert with seven years experience in engineering research, software development and market modelling

Dipl.-Ing. Fabian Pfannes

cloud platform and front-end

Software developer with eight years experience in key account management for technical simulations and agile methods

Huangluolun Zhou, M.Sc.

finance and business development

Management consultant with track record in large-scale electricity market simulations, data processing and project management

Nicolai Schmid

cloud platform and back-end

Full-stack web developer with know-how in container-orchestrations and single-page applications

Dariush Wahdany, B.Sc.

simulation core

Electrical engineering student at the RWTH Aachen University with broad skills in C++ and Unix shell programming