Besides licensing of the market simulation to our customers, we provide software support, deliver custom model data and develop external market simulation software. Following table displays some selected finished projects of the Maon Team.

Year Customer Title
2023 Consultant Quantification of Market Revenues and Operating Costs of a Conventional Power Plant Portfolio with 250 market simulations
2023 Consultant 75 Sensitivities for Fundamental Factors Based on the Three Scenario Paths of the Ten-Year Network Development Plan 2022 (TYNDP)
2022 Industrial Consumer Forecast of Long-term Electricity Supply Costs to Select the Optimal Location for a New-build Colorant Production
2022 Industrial Consumer Forecast of Electricity Wholesale Price Gradients in Scandinavian Bidding Zones
2022 Grid Operator Software Development of Routines to Check Model Data Quality of Flow-Based Market Coupling (FBMC)
2022 Government Recalculation of Market Simulations to Validate the National Resource and Transmission Adequacy Assessments
2022 Government Fundamental Forecast of Electricity Wholesale Prices for the Years 2020 to 2080 in Europe
2022 Consultant Volume and Price Forecasts in Scandinavia Considering Detailed Hydropower Network Dispatches
2022 Consultant Market-Grid-Simulations to Analyze the Future High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Lines in Germany
2022 Consultant Iterative Market Simulations to Derive Decarbonization Scenarios for all European Countries
2022 Consultant Fundamental Forecast of Spot, Frequency Reserve and Balancing Prices in Germany
2022 Consultant Forecast of the Electricity Procurement Costs for a New Gigafactory in Europe
2021 Plant Operator Techno-Economic Assessment (TEA) of Options for Portfolio Extensions at the Electricity, Frequency Reserve, Natural Gas and Hydrogen Markets
2021 Investor Recalculation of the Public Results Provided by the Ten-Year Network Development Plan 2020 (TYNDP)
2021 Grid Operator Technology-specific High-resolution Analysis of Frequency Reserve Schedules Considering the German Nuclear and Coal Phase Outs
2021 Grid Operator Software Development of Routines to Check Model Data Quality of Generators and Consumers
2021 Grid Operator Software Development of Database and Data Model for Monte Carlo Market Simulations
2021 Grid Operator Development of High-speed Simulation Module for Capacities of the Flow-Based Market Coupling (FBMC)
2021 Government Quantification of the Influences of the Clean Energy Package and the EU Requirements for Minimum Remaining Available Margin (RAM) on Exchange and Security of Supply
2021 Government Fundamental Quantification of the Security of Supply in European Bidding Zones Considering Cascading Effects
2021 Consultant Forecast of Electricity Price Volatilities due to Political Measures Ment to Achieve the Climate Goals of the European Commission
2021 Bank Improving Electricity Wholesale Price Forecasts through Use of Additional Linked Facts and Artificial Intelligence
2021 Bank European Electricity Spot Price Forecasts in Extreme Scenarios Relevant to the Security of Supply
2020 Consultant Techno-Economic Assessment (TEA) of Electrolysers at the German Electricity Market as part of the National Hydrogen Strategy
2019 Grid Operator Quantification of Effects of the Reserve Exchange on Economic Dispatch and the Load Coverage in Eastern European Bidding Zones
2019 Grid Operator Investigation of Social Welfare Effects especially Counter-Intuitive Flows in the Flow-Based Market Coupling (FBMC) of the Core Capacity Calculation Region (CCR)
2019 Grid Operator Development of High-speed Aggregations of Hydropower Cascades for European Electricity Market Simulations 
2019 Government EXIST Business Start-up Grant to Develop a High-resolution Market Simulation Usable Via Web Browser

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