At Maon, we are driven by a simple, but powerful mission: to equip organizations with the most accurate, insightful, and reliable power market forecasts. We are thrilled to share an achievement that exemplifies this commitment — an in-depth power market outlook for Europe until 2050.

Unveiling a vision of tomorrow

Imagine having a clear picture of the energy landscape decades into the future. What if you could anticipate shifts in demands, generations, and prices with precision? That is exactly what we have accomplished with this calculation, sourcing data from the Ten-Year Network Development Plan and commodity futures market places.

A deep dive into Germany’s energy future

While our European overview provides a broad and comprehensive picture, we have extracted extra data for Germany. This collection offers not only inputs like demand and fuel prices, but also outputs such as dispatches, price distributions, full load hours, and capture rates. These insights are invaluable for stakeholders at every level, from policymakers to investors, as they navigate through the complexities of the energy transition.

The power of insight

Our forecasts are not just numbers — they are a narrative of the future, meticulously pieced together to guide capital-intensive investment decisions and strategic planning. By understanding these projections, you can make informed decisions that align with long-term trends and opportunities in the energy market.

Engage with us

We believe that the key to mastering the energy transition lies in collaboration. Your feedback is crucial as we refine our models and enhance our forecasts. We invite you to dive into our reports, explore the data, and share your thoughts.

Explore the forecast

Download and explore the full European overview and the in-depth German analysis to gain insights into the future of power markets.

Stay ahead of the curve with Maon. Let us navigate through the future of energy markets together.

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