New visualizations of results available

New visualizations of the simulation results have been completed. For example annual balances for electricity generation, emissions, costs and social welfare can now be plotted and exported for the entire ENTSO-E area. In addition, electricity prices, imports and exports as well as generation schemes are available in the browser.

Figures and maps for unit-wise evaluation in the browser coming soon

The visualization of the simulation results will be expanded significantly in the coming weeks. We will develop figures and maps for the key results of single modelled power plants, flexible consumers and network elements. After completion of a simulation the according analysis, comparison and evaluation will be directly available in the browser interface.

Data cluster upgrade im January for more speed

In addition we will move our distributed data cluster to significantly more performant servers at the beginning of January. So we can ensure the increasing simultaneous use of the graphical user interfaces at all times.

Thanks for your trust in us

In 2020 we have had the opportunity to provide our new digital solutions and are grateful to our clients and partners for their trust in us. We are pleased to support the energy transition with you and are looking forward to accelerate further in 2021!

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays
The Maon-Team

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