Berlin, 20th June 2023 – Accenture used Maon to develop the flagship study, Decarbonisation Speedways, on behalf of Eurelectric. This study aims to create well-founded scenarios for the future energy system of Europe.

Energy has remained a high-priority topic on the political agenda over the past 16 months. The decline in Russian natural gas imports accounted previously for 40% of the supply. Further, the REPowerEU sets a target of adding 753 GW of renewable capacity by 2030 compared to 2021. Thus, it is crucial to establish new European target scenarios.

Decarbonisation Speedways introduces innovative scenarios for achieving complete decarbonisation, setting milestones for 2030, 2040 and 2050. These scenarios include high expectations for electrification and an increasing focus on system integration, while handling uncertainties arising from ongoing geopolitical tensions and ensuring the security of supply.

Outcomes of the study were generated through many extensive data sets. This data basis was made possible by Maon, a large-scale, detail-rich, high-speed, transparent and user-friendly market simulation software. The quantitative results will be publicly available free of charge through Eurelectric.

Lonneke Tabak from Accenture presented Decarbonisation Speedways at the Power Summit 2023 in Brussels. The Power Summit is a top-tier event in the European energy industry and features distinguished speakers such as Kadri Simson (EU Commissioner for Energy), Leonhard Birnbaum (CEO of E.ON) and Catherine MacGregor (CEO of ENGIE).

About Maon

Maon is a spin-off of the RWTH Aachen and the TU Berlin. The specialised software developer provides a web platform that enables organisations to make comprehensive, explainable and accurate energy market forecasts. It has been used to derive millions of simulations by consultants, consumers as well as grid, storage and power plant operators in Europe.

About Eurelectric

The Union of the Electricity Industry – Eurelectric is the sector association representing the interests of the European electricity at pan-European level. It represents the power sector in over 30 European countries, speaking for more than 3500 companies in power generation, distribution and supply. The organisation also has affiliates and associates on other continents.


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Eurelectric Decarbonisation Speedways Full Report (PDF File)

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