With more ambitious climate targets, the demand for portfolio simulations including electrolysers and emission certificate price sensitivity analysis is rising noticeably. Such models were already usable last year at Maon and they have been successfully validated and applied multiple times in projects by our customers. Therefore, our development focus lies now on time efficiency and usability.

Towards the world’s fastest energy market model

One example is the refactoring of the aggregation method for modelling hydro power plant cascades. Component-wise aggregations up to one single replacement pump storage per bidding zone are possible. The implementation has been optimized to such an extent that complex hydro networks in Europe (including Alp region and Scandinavia) can be aggregated in less than three seconds, thus saving around half of the computing time. Investigations have shown that there are only minor distortions in the derivation of electricity prices and net positions.

We will present the results developed in cooperation with Austrian Power Grid (APG) at the 12th International Energy Industry Conference of the Vienna University of Technology (IEWT).

Exponentially growing user base

We recently introduced new users to our cloud solution so that we currently count more than 50 active users. A selection of organizations we work with is available at the reference section.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to you!

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