At the end of the year 2021 we would like to give you an overview of the most important events at our software company Maon.

Maon-Team photo

This year’s team photo 2021 was on the rooftop at our offices in Bismarckstraße, Berlin-Charlottenburg.

Maon-Team at headquarters in 2021

99% availability and exponentially growing

Our cloud solution which went into operation in 2019 was this year 2021 in nonstop use, with the exception of a few minutes during some announced down-times. The high availability is important so users have the freedom to simulate energy markets according to their individual schedules. We are pleased with the exponentially growing number of users relying on our simulation results in their decision making. Several study results will be published at the beginning of next year. A selection of our licensees can be found at our website.

Joining the Alliance for Cyber ​​Security

Maon stores and processes in distributed databases highly sensitive data. Therefore, the protection of data plays an important role for us. Against this background, we were recently officially incorporated into the Alliance for Cyber Security of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) to receive security-critical information quick and to guarantee the best possible protection for our users.

1-click solution for power purchase agreements

We regularly receive requests for electricity price forecasts to evaluate power purchase agreements (PPAs). In the past, this was linked to the parameterization of individual years, so a certain amount of manual effort was required. A new module for long-term simulation was completed in November and has already been used successfully in consultancy projects. You can interpolate between two simulation years as you like, so only one scenario has to be parameterized for the first year and one for the last year. It is designed in such a way that simulation series can be started with one click and all features including sensitivities and visualizations are integrated. 80% of the parameterization of ten-year forecasts for PPA evaluation can be saved.

Frequency reserve simulation of flexible demand and negative electricity price derivation

In addition, a module for modelling frequency reserve provisions by flexible consumers and a module for endogenous derivations of negative spot electricity prices have been completed. These features have already been tested by two transmission system operators in Europe and used in internal projects.

We look back on an exciting and successful year 2021. We thank you for your trust in our company and look forward to the next joint milestones. The entire Maon team wishes you relaxing holidays and a joyful jump into a bright 2022!

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