Research to increase realism

As the operator of a platform supporting far-reaching decisions, we see ourselves not only obliged to validate the models, but also to increase their realism. Therefore, research contributions play an important role in incorporating them into professionalized solutions. During the development of new modules the following publications were created, which we will present on September 9th, 2021 at the 12th International Energy Industry Conference of the Vienna University of Technology (IEWT):

  • „Aggregationen hydraulischer Kraftwerkskaskaden für Simulationen des europäischen Strommarktes“ in cooperation with Austrian Power Grid (paper, slides) and
  • „Influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on Flow-Based Market Coupling“ together with TransnetBW (paper, slides).

Both contributions were created entirely using our cloud simulation so the results can be shared, validated and reproduced at the data level. In addition, generated data and new developed features can be reused in follow-up projects.

Flow-based expert hired

Further, we hired our intern Yash Patel for a full-time position. Mr. Patel studied “Renewable Energy Engineering and Management” at the University of Freiburg and graduated with distinction. In the course of his master thesis, he worked on the modeling of Flow-Based Market Coupling and then in our internship with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the European electricity markets. He will be involved in the prototype development, the final testing of releases and the generation of data sets for the simulation of electricity, reserve, emission and gas markets.

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